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Strong Defense Against White Collar Charges

As a business owner or professional, you face all sorts of financial and competitive pressures. In some cases, this can push you up against possible criminal charges.

At The Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, in Milwaukee, you will find a proven defense attorney to help you respond effectively to such challenges. Mr. Govin offers a complete defense, enlisting experts in forensics and other fields as needed to achieve a proactive resolution.

Call 414-373-5908 to arrange a confidential consultation about your unique situation. Based in Milwaukee, Mr. Govin represents clients throughout the metro area and statewide.

Get A Complete Defense To The Charges Are You Facing

Stephen M. Govin has extensive experience successfully defending against state and federal criminal charges in Wisconsin. He has a proven ability to handle cases in ways that mitigate the potential consequences or avoid them entirely.

This includes:

  • Federal charges — Fraud, embezzlement and other white collar offenses often involve allegations of federal crimes. Mr. Govin will defend your rights aggressively and work for a favorable outcome.
  • Asset forfeiture — Law enforcement authorities may seek to seize certain of your assets. Our law firm is ready to push back against this forcefully on your behalf.
  • Investigations — If you haven’t been charged yet but believe you are being investigated, it’s important to get skilled legal counsel on your side.

With his strong track record of effective defense, Mr. Govin has developed close relationships with forensics, financial, digital and other experts. In certain specialized areas of financial crime, Mr. Govin may enlist another attorney to assist with the representation. His goal is always to provide you with a complete legal defense to protect your finances and your future.

Get The Help You Need To Move Forward

Learn why Stephen M. Govin has become a trusted defense lawyer for individuals in Wisconsin facing white collar and other serious charges. Call his office or complete this contact form to schedule an initial consultation.