Strong Criminal Defense from a
Skilled Trial Attorney
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Protecting Your Rights And Your Future Against Criminal Charges

Ensuring that your rights and your future are protected when you have been charged with a crime calls for securing the representation of a highly skilled and experienced Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer.

For dedicated advocacy through your charges, call the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, in Milwaukee at 414-373-5908. Stephen Govin‘s law office also serves clients throughout Washington, Waukesha and Ozaukee counties and other nearby areas of Wisconsin.

Quality Defense For Many Kinds Of Criminal Cases

Attorney Stephen Govin provides exceptional criminal defense representation to those facing such charges as:

  • Drug charges — Given the severity of drug penalties, it is imperative that you have the strongest defense available. From marijuana to cocaine and heroin, attorney Govin knows how to protect your rights.
  • Crimes committed by students, including drug charges, drunk driving, assault and disorderly conduct.
  • OWI (DUI) defense — OWI charges can end up costing you much more than you thought for a much longer period of time. Let Stephen Govin help you fight your OWI and drugged driving charges.
  • Sex crimes — Extensive prison time and having to live with the label of registered sex offender, possibly for the rest of your life, are ample reasons to put forward the strongest defense of your rights. This is especially true if you are facing child pornography charges.
  • Domestic violence — A domestic violence conviction, even just the no-contact order (NCO), can create real difficulties for those accused of domestic violence. Allow us to fight against your charges and any false allegations of abuse.
  • Federal crimes/conspiracy — Federal courts operate under a different set of rules than state courts. Stephen Govin has the experience defending his clients’ rights in federal courts to be able to help you.
  • Asset forfeitureStephen Govin understands how to build successful claims for the return of seized assets.
  • Probation violations — Do not let a probation violation send your loved one to jail. Stephen Govin can help your loved one avoid revocation.
  • Deferred prosecution agreements and specialty courtsStephen Govin understands how to maximize individualized solutions like DPAs and specialty courts. Let him help you secure a tailored solution.

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Facing criminal charges may be the most stressful ordeal you go through. You need to know that the attorney you choose has the right experience and is committed to you and your case. Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer Stephen Govin has that kind of commitment. Call 414-373-5908 or email his office to schedule your initial consultation.