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Prescription Medications Can Lead To Drugged Driving Charges

When individuals think of being arrested for drunk driving (OWI/DUI), they imagine people operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The truth of the matter is that in Wisconsin, you can be arrested for OWI if you are impaired by any type of drug, even those that are legal to take. Drugged driving is also referred to as operating with a restricted controlled substance in your system. This means legal prescriptions and medicinal marijuana can cause you to be arrested for drugged driving.

If you have been pulled over and cited for drugged driving, you need a proven criminal defense attorney in your corner who has helped numerous individuals fight similar charges. Call the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, at 414-373-5908 for assistance from a skilled lawyer regarding your claims. From his office in Milwaukee, Mr. Govin defends clients throughout Wisconsin.

Testing For Drugs In Wisconsin

Under our state’s laws, drivers give implied consent to be tested for alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances once the police have probable cause to make an arrest. Police can test through breath and blood. Refusing to take these tests can cause you to end up with a one-year license suspension.

There are ways to challenge the OWI test results and you can appeal them as well. Time is of the essence, however, and you must act quickly. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best option for success.

Assisting Members Of NORML

As a lifetime member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Stephen understands the frustrations that come from many people throughout the state in regards to Wisconsin’s marijuana laws. He assists members of the organization, as well as other individuals throughout the Milwaukee area, who have been cited for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Police officers can test for trace amounts of THC in the blood, which can lead to a DUI arrest. If you have been arrested, do not hesitate to put a skilled attorney in your corner to begin protecting your rights immediately.

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