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Domestic Violence

Cases Dismissed, client was charged with felony stalking/bail jumping/criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct in domestic violence cases; after extensive investigation, successfully convinced the district attorney’s office that the cases were not able to be proven and the district attorney moved to dismiss both the felony and misdemeanor cases.

Case Nos. 18-CF-3021 & 18-CM-1909, Milwaukee County, Year: 2018

Deferred Prosecution Agreement granted, successfully negotiated for a deferred prosecution agreement in a domestic violence case; upon successful completion of the agreement, the case will be dismissed.

Case No. 17-CM-1298, Washington County, Year: 2018

Deferred Prosecution Agreement granted. Client was charged with a domestic violence misdemeanor offense and successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement that will reduce the misdemeanor charge to a civil forfeiture (citation) upon completion of the deferred prosecution agreement.

Case No. 17-CM-243, Dodge County , Year: 2017

Criminal case reduced to citation. Successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement for client charged with domestic violence. Upon completion of deferred prosecution agreement, the criminal charges were reduced to a single non-criminal citation.

Case 16-CM-1345, Milwaukee County , Year: 2017

Felony child abuse case reduced to misdemeanor and straight probation. Successfully negotiated felony child abuse case down to misdemeanor counts with straight probation as a sentence.

Case No. 15-CF-1314, Waukesha County , Year: 2016

Case dismissed through deferred prosecution agreement. Client was charged with felony child abuse, client completed deferred prosecution agreement and case was dismissed.

Case No. 15-CF-1378, Milwaukee County, Year: 2015

Misdemeanor domestic violence case dismissed after client successfully completed terms of the negotiation.

Case No. 2013-CM-1953, Waukesha County, Year: 2014

Felony Strangulation count dismissed and client entered no contest plea to disorderly conduct with one year of probation and no jail.

Case No. 2014-CF-5, Langlade County
Year: 2014

Felony child abuse case dismissed after negotiations.

Case No. 2014-CF-132, Racine County,
Year: 2014

*It is important to note that all cases are different and the above are examples of outcomes achieved.