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A Serious Defense For Serious Charges Following An OWI Accident

Wisconsin law enforcement takes an aggressive stance toward alleged incidents of drugged or drunk driving. Prosecutors may bring heightened charges in certain situations where:

  • An impaired driver gets into an accident that kills or seriously injures someone
  • An impaired driver has a minor child (under age 16) in the car

These charges can lead to severe penalties if there is a conviction, including heavy fines, a suspended driver’s license or time in prison. At the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, attorney Govin immediately begins working to prepare your defense strategy. His experience and extensive track record of success can help you feel confident that you have effective defense counsel in your corner. He has worked with hundreds of people throughout Milwaukee facing OWIs, and he is ready to work with you.

Learn how a skilled lawyer can begin protecting your rights and your future. Call Stephen M. Govin‘s office at 414-373-5908 to schedule an initial consultation. Based in Milwaukee, he represents clients statewide.

What Is An Affirmative Defense To OWI Accident Charges?

To obtain a conviction, prosecutors must establish a causal connection between the impairment and the accident. If the accident was not your fault, you may be able to pursue an affirmative defense. In other words, if you did not cause the accident, you can use these facts as a strong defense. This is true even if you were intoxicated at the time of the collision.

Attorney Govin has developed a close working relationship with accident reconstructionist and other experts throughout Wisconsin. He will leverage their knowledge to gather objective, independent advice to determine whether affirmative defense is a viable strategy for your case.

A Record Of Successful Outcomes In OWI Cases

Stephen M. Govin has a strong history of obtaining successful outcomes in litigated cases. He is never afraid to go to court to advocate for a fair outcome to your case. Schedule your initial meeting with a seasoned trial attorney today by calling 414-373-5908. He also welcomes all inquiries through his online contact form.