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Deferred Prosecution Agreement Could Be A Solution In Your Case

When you are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin, it pays to have the representation of a criminal defense attorney who understands how to secure the best possible resolution for your individual circumstances. Too often, the criminal justice system depends on cookie-cutter solutions where an individually tailored resolution would best serve justice and the needs of the involved parties.

At the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, attorney Stephen Govin understands the need for creative solutions that will help his clients defend their rights and their futures. He personally analyzes each client’s case to identify the optimal course of action. Call 414-373-5908 to discuss your specific situation. Based in Milwaukee, Mr. Govin defends clients throughout the metro area and statewide

Understanding How Deferred Prosecution Agreements Work

A deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) functions similarly to probation. A person pleads guilty and certain conditions are imposed. If the person is able to successfully adhere to the conditions, the charges against him or her will be reduced or dismissed. An attorney who thoroughly understands Wisconsin’s criminal laws can help you pursue a DPA.

Stephen M. Govin has extensive experience in working with these courts and in utilizing DPAs to help his clients. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, he focuses on securing the smartest outcome for his clients, no matter how difficult the situation.

An Attorney Committed To Finding The Best Answer To Your Case

When you are fighting criminal charges, you need to know that the attorney you choose has the knowledge to be able to help you. Attorney Stephen Govin is a proven criminal defense lawyer who has won many verdicts in favor of his clients.

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