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Addressing The Uncertainty Created By OWI And DUI Charges

Many people who are facing OWI charges in Wisconsin, which are also known as DUI, have never faced such serious charges before. Not knowing what to expect creates uncertainty, anxiety and stress. Even for those who have been convicted of OWI previously, those same worries can apply given how much more severe the penalties are for a repeat OWI conviction.

Securing the representation of a highly skilled and experienced Milwaukee OWI and DUI attorney can help you overcome the stress and anxiety by demystifying the process and giving you confidence that your rights will be well-defended. Contact a dedicated lawyer to begin building your criminal defense today.

The Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, serves clients in the Milwaukee metro area and throughout Wisconsin. Contact attorney Govin at 414-373-5908 to schedule a consultation for your OWI and DUI defense.

An Attorney Who Develops Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

At the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, attorney Stephen Govin builds strong cases for his clients who are facing OWI charges. Three key issues that play a part in many of the OWI cases he builds include:

  • Expert testimony — Stephen works with some of the best experts in the Midwest who are able to impeach the credibility of testing devices such as the Intoximeter, as well as police field sobriety testing methods and other related issues.
  • Constitutional issues — These are often a major component of OWI cases. For example, did the officer who stopped you have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to do so? If not, the case against you may be dismissed.
  • Treatment — Seeking treatment is always a solid first step toward showing the court that you are serious about the issues. The courts appreciate people who work to help themselves avoid future legal trouble. Further, seeking treatment can help your case move to alcohol treatment court.

Representation For Serious Felony OWI Cases

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Govin has represented the rights of numerous individuals through all types of drunk and drugged driving charges. This includes offenses that result in felony allegations. Felony DUIs can result for many reasons, some of which include having past OWIs on your record or having too many aggravating factors such as driving with children under the age of 16 in the car with prior offenses or if injury is caused.

Felony charges not only come with much higher monetary fines and longer jail sentences, but also carry with them the fact that you are no longer allowed to possess a firearm. This is very serious for individuals who must carry a weapon for their occupation. It is also very serious for those who enjoy hunting or simply collect different types of weapons.

Challenging Breath Tests And Other Sobriety Test Results

The Intoximeter used by police to conduct alcohol content testing can be very inaccurate. The credibility of these tests decreases even further if the device is used improperly. By conducting a thorough investigation of your case, attorney Govin is able to see whether or not the Intoximeter results of your case are accurate and if they can be challenged.

He will also work with you to challenge all types of field sobriety tests, including:

  • Horizontal gaze test
  • Walk-and-turn test
  • Stand on one leg test

Many of these tests are very difficult to perform while sober. Further, many of these tests lack scientific data to confirm whether or not they are actually proven to be a good indicator or if a person is intoxicated or not.

The Experience And Commitment Needed To Help You

Milwaukee drunk driving attorney Stephen Govin is a proven defender who has helped hundreds of clients fight criminal charges. Let Stephen defend your rights and freedoms, too. Call the office at 414-373-5908 or email his office to schedule your initial consultation.