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Don’t Let Serious Drug Convictions Lead To Lifelong Penalties

Facing drug charges in Wisconsin that involve heroin, cocaine or meth puts you in a very serious situation. Crimes associated with these types of drugs are felonies. This means that your future is at stake. Not only do you face serious jail time and large fines, but you also face lifelong penalties of not being able to be hired for certain jobs and not being able to attend many schools.

If you are facing accusations involving heroin, cocaine, meth or other illegal drugs, contact the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, as soon as possible. Even if you only feel as though you are being investigated, it is better to get a Milwaukee lawyer in your corner now to explain your rights so charges are never even brought against you.

The sooner you call the firm at 414-373-5908, the sooner attorney Govin can begin to build your defense against drug charges. Based in Milwaukee, he defends clients throughout Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s Penalties For Possession Of Cocaine, Meth And Heroin

Unlike the possession of marijuana, possession of drugs such as cocaine, meth and heroin carry far greater penalties. Some consequences you may face include:

  • Multiple years behind bars
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Probation and parole
  • Community service
  • Rehabilitation in a restricted facility

Mr. Govin also defends clients facing charges involving controlled substances and drugged driving. Do not let the full severity of these drug crimes come down on you. Allow attorney Govin to advocate on your behalf. He will utilize his many years of experience to build a solid defense against your charges.

By poking holes in the prosecution’s case, he is able to negotiate in order to minimize the consequences you face. He may even be able to have your charges completely dismissed.

Understanding Your Rehabilitation Options

Heroin, coke and meth are some of the most addictive drugs out there. Knowing this, attorney Govin does everything he can to help those who are struggling with addiction. By enrolling in advanced treatment prior to going to court, you will not only help battle addiction, but also show the judge that you are on your way to improvement and willing to do whatever it takes.

Enrolling in treatment can greatly help in minimizing the penalties you face. Allow attorney Govin to explain all of your options and lay out what is best for you in your case.

Find Out Your Best Options During A Case Review

Set up an appointment with an experienced drug crime defense lawyer at the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC. Call him at 414-373-5908 to discuss all of your best options when faced with charges involving heroin, methamphetamines and cocaine. You can also email his office. Attorney Govin serves clients statewide.