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Jewelry and $100,000.00 Returned in Federal Civil Forfeiture Case, successfully negotiated the return of jewelry and $100.000.00 seized from client during drug investigation in federal civil forfeiture case.

Case No. 20-CV-376, Eastern District of Wisconsin
Year: 2022

Cash and property returned to client, client was convicted in serious felony drug case and placed on probation; successfully argued for the return of over $5,000 and other property seized from the client due to the state’s inability to prove the cash and property were drug proceeds.

Case No. 18-CF-2544, Milwaukee County
Year: 2019

Federal forfeiture case dismissed. Successfully negotiated the dismissal of the federal government’s claim to forfeit client’s house. Client’s house not forfeited and all government liens against the property were lifted.

Case No. 15-CV-1372, Eastern District of Wisconsin
Year: 2016

$33,597 seized from client returned to client in full. Successfully negotiated the return of all of client’s money after the county failed to follow the proper time limits in forfeiture action.

Milwaukee County
Year: 2016

Court ordered clients vehicle returned that was seized during a drug investigation after successfully arguing the forfeiture was unconstitutional.

Case No. 2013-CV-4748, Milwaukee County
Year: 2014

Was able to negotiate the return of approximately $14,000 and a diamond ring seized during a federal drug investigation by properly filing claims, requests, and demands.

Federal Case No. 13-CR-81, Eastern District Of Wisconsin
Year: 2014

*It is important to note that all cases are different and the above are examples of outcomes achieved.