Child Pornography Charges Can Be Devastating

Child pornography charges today are based almost exclusively on computers and the internet. The use of file sharing sites and other types of websites can leave a trail of evidence that the police may be able to access without you even being aware. That situation is complicated by the fact that computers are often shared or left in areas where multiple people can access them.

Child pornography charges can devastate a person's family, professional reputation and standing within the community. Child Protective Services may remove your children. While it may be difficult to overcome the shock of such charges, it is critical that you begin taking action to defend your rights and your future as soon as possible.

Exceptional Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

At the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, attorney Stephen Govin understands what is at stake for his clients who are facing child pornography charges. In Wisconsin, as well as at the federal level, there are mandatory minimum sentences for such charges. A strong Milwaukee criminal defense attorney attacks the evidence and humanizes the accused.

Several key elements to successfully attacking child pornography charges include:

  • Question the search warrant — Did the search respect your constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures?
  • Question the evidence — How did the child pornography get on your computer? Did malware place it there? Was it obtained accidentally? Stephen Govin works with skilled forensic computer experts to help defend his clients.
  • Treatment — Seeking treatment can be a valuable way of illustrating to the court your commitment to resolving the issues that led to your current situation.
  • Risk assessments — Stephen Govin works with psychologists who can perform risk assessments to prove to judges and prosecutors that you are not a risk.

Contact A Knowledgeable Criminal Defender

When you are facing child pornography charges, you need to know that the attorney you choose has the knowledge, experience and commitment to truly be able to help you. Turn to Milwaukee child pornography lawyer Stephen Govin for the strongest defense of your rights and your future. Let Stephen handle your case personally. To schedule a consultation, call 414-395-5620 or contact his office online.

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