Other Crimes

Charge reduced, avoided mandatory minimum 5 year prison term for client. Successfully negotiated the reduction of Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Child Sex Crime charge to avoid the mandatory minimum 5 year prison term; client was sentenced to probation instead.

Case No. 17-CF-84, Taylor County, Year: 2018

Case Dismissed. Client was charged with First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child under 12 years old and Incest with Child. After extensive defense investigation and negotiation with the District Attorney's Office, the District Attorney's Office conceded that they could not prove their case and moved to dismiss the case.

Case No. 16-CF-3531, Milwaukee County, Year: 2017

Case dismissed. Client was charged with mailing narcotics to a prison inmate and successfully negotiated the dismissal of the case through extensive investigation and convincing the prosecutor that the defenses investigation proves client was not guilty.

Case No. 15-CF-299, Fond du Lac County, Year: 2016

Not Guilty Verdicts. Client was a Marquette University student charged with two felony counts of sexual assault against a fellow Marquette University student. After lengthy pretrial motion practice and a four-day jury trial, the jury returned verdicts of not guilty on all counts. Client acquitted of all charges at trial.

Case No. 14-CF-3898, Milwaukee County, Year: 2016

Case dismissed, intimidation of victim, felony bail jumping and obstructing an officer. After having client found not guilty at a jury trial of felony sexual assault, the prosecutor moved to dismiss this case. During sexual assault jury trial established that this case was flawed and unprovable.

Case No. 15-CF-980, Milwaukee County, Year: 2016

Case dismissed on defendant's motion. Client charged with repeated acts of sexual assault of same child and court dismissed case after hearing defense motion challenging evidence and pleadings.

Case No. 15-CF-248, Fond du Lac County, Year: 2016

Case dismissed on defendant's motions. Client was charged with five counts of possession of child pornography and court dismissed case on defendant's motion.

Case No. 14-CF-444, Jefferson County, Year: 2015

Armed robbery-use of force case dismissed after convincing the charging DA of the factual innocence of my client prior to trial.

Case No. 2014-CF-122, Milwaukee County, Year: 2014

Burglary case charged against client. Successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) for my client.

Case No. 2014-CF-685, Milwaukee County, Year: 2014

Client charged with employee theft in high profile Waukesha County case. Successfully negotiated a county ordinance violation (ticket) for client thereby avoiding a criminal conviction.

Case No. 2013-CM-1856, Waukesha County, Year: 2014

Client charged with three felony burglary counts. Successfully negotiated reduction to three misdemeanor counts of receiving stolen property and straight probation avoiding a felony conviction and any jail time.

Case No. 2014-CF-140, Waukesha County, Year: 2014

Hung Jury (Mistrial) - Case dismissed after jury trial by prosecution. Client was originally accused of operating without owner's consent and Bail jumping but the charges were dismissed.

Case No. 12-CF-5451, Milwaukee County, Year: 2013

Mistrial Granted on fourth day of jury trial pursuant to defense motion, Five counts of repeated sexual assault of same child (First degree)

Case No. 08-CF-5410, Milwaukee County, Year: 2010

Suppression Motion Granted on remand from court of appeals and new trial ordered, 10 Count Criminal Complaint

Case No. 03-CF-2028, Milwaukee County, Year: 2007

Case Dismissed — Second-Degree Sexual Assault — Use of Force — Case dismissed after presenting case to the court

Case No. 10-CF-1033, Waukesha County, Year: 2010

Charge Amended to Lesser Offense — Misdemeanor hit-and-run, Charge amended to an ordinance ticket, Fine: $100.00

Case No. 13-CT-180, Milwaukee County, Year: 2013

*It is important to note that all cases are different and the above are examples of outcomes achieved.