Domestic Violence

Deferred Prosecution Agreement granted. Client was charged with a domestic violence misdemeanor offense and successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement that will reduce the misdemeanor charge to a civil forfeiture (citation) upon completion of the deferred prosecution agreement.

Case No. 17-CM-243, Dodge County , Year: 2017

Criminal case reduced to citation. Successfully negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement for client charged with domestic violence. Upon completion of deferred prosecution agreement, the criminal charges were reduced to a single non-criminal citation.

Case 16-CM-1345, Milwaukee County , Year: 2017

Felony child abuse case reduced to misdemeanor and straight probation. Successfully negotiated felony child abuse case down to misdemeanor counts with straight probation as a sentence.

Case No. 15-CF-1314, Waukesha County , Year: 2016

Case dismissed through deferred prosecution agreement. Client was charged with felony child abuse, client completed deferred prosecution agreement and case was dismissed.

Case No. 15-CF-1378, Milwaukee County, Year: 2015

Misdemeanor domestic violence case dismissed after client successfully completed terms of the negotiation.

Case No. 2013-CM-1953, Waukesha County, Year: 2014

Felony Strangulation count dismissed and client entered no contest plea to disorderly conduct with one year of probation and no jail.

Case No. 2014-CF-5, Langlade County
Year: 2014

Felony child abuse case dismissed after negotiations.

Case No. 2014-CF-132, Racine County,
Year: 2014

*It is important to note that all cases are different and the above are examples of outcomes achieved.