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The Proven Criminal Defense You Need
to Regain Control of Your Future
Being Charged With A Crime Can Cause Tremendous Uncertainty And Anxiety. Few People Know What To Expect After Being Arrested. Attorney Stephen M. Govin Can Help. He Has Been Recognized As A Top Criminal Defense Attorney In Wisconsin. Put His Proven Defense Skills To Work For You.
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Criminal Charges Don’t Have To End Your Future

Securing the representation of a skilled criminal defense attorney is your first step toward reclaiming a sense of control over your own future. Call the Law Office of Stephen M. Govin, LLC, at 414-395-5620 to start your defense today.

Stephen Govin handles all aspects of his clients’ cases from start to finish. Unlike some attorneys and firms, Stephen does not hand off any work on his clients’ cases. Every aspect of your criminal defense case will be handled by Stephen personally. Based in Milwaukee, he serves clients statewide.

Why Choose Us: Strong Criminal Defense From A Skilled Trial Attorney

Attorney Stephen Govin can help you understand the reality of the challenges you face, the most likely outcomes to different potential scenarios, and what can be done to ensure that your rights and your future receive the full protection that you deserve. He is committed to providing his clients with not only an exceptional defense but also peace of mind.

Attorney Govin has exceptional experience fighting for those facing everything from a drunk driving charge to homicides in Wisconsin. Whether defending against first-time OWI/DUI charge, a complex drug conspiracy or a homicide, he will thoroughly investigate the facts to build strong cases for his clients. He often works with top experts in the Midwest when challenging evidence collected by police and routinely challenges the constitutionality of search and seizure issues to protect his clients rights.

What Our Clients Say

“Stephen is an outstanding lawyer and a master strategist. This combined with being an impressive listener; he made me feel confident that he’d do his utmost to win in trial; and that he did! I was very impressed and I’d highly recommend him to all friends and family.”

– Christopher D.

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Protect Your Rights And Your Future

When you are facing OWI/DUI charges, drug crimes or other criminal charges, you need to know that the attorney you choose has the knowledge, experience and commitment to truly be able to help you.

Turn to experienced criminal defense lawyer Stephen Govin to protect your rights and your future. Let Stephen handle your case personally. To schedule a consultation, call 414-395-5620 or contact his office online.